Baking Needs

What You're Going to Need to Bake

The Item Why?

A Container

Mason jar, plastic container... old spaghetti jar, left over togo soup container. Anything works for it, but your going to need something to hold and feed your starter in.


You're going to need a hand full of different flour types, but I highly recommend on getting a higher quality flour due to the higher protien content. Here are the flours you will need to bake and handle your first loaf.

  • Unbleached Bread Flour
  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Rice Flour (alt Semolina Flour)
  • All Purpose Flour, Which is not required for the first receipe.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

You can find one on amazon for about $40, and you don't actually need it until you start making the dough starter.

Bench Scraper

A handy and trustworthy tool to have to make working with dough that much easier.

Taller plastic container

A container to place the dough in while it ferments and rises.

Proofing Bowl

Peferably 2, but you can alternatively use a larger bowl with a tea or dishtowel.

Bread Lame / Razor or sharp knife

honestly spend the money and get the the bread lame, its a littlmore then 10 bucks on amazon, or it can come with a proofing bowl kit.

Mixing Bowl

Your going to need to mix everything together in something.